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What's Included In FWF Membership?

Join Us Today and gain instant access to ALL areas within FWF Club Website with 100's of workout videos all under 30 minutes duration, healthy recipes, meal plans and personal support from Frank (not a robot like most online programmes!)


“I’ve never felt better!! Happier, more confident and a sense of belonging to something I absolutely love. I feel much much fitter and healthier and have a great positive attitude to exercise and training.”

— Nicola, Mother of 2


The FWF Club Membership has been designed with all your wants and needs in mind.

When you sign up you get unlimited access to 100's of workout videos that are easy to follow. These videos take you through a series of programs that can be completed in under 30 mins. So whether you are down the park on a break, or whether you are at home looking after a loved one you can get this done anytime of the day.

Another great feature is the option that you have to use equipment. It is not necessary for you to have fancy equipment but we do give you creative options if you do not have the basics. Again, equipment is NOT compulsory making this product so flexible.  

Here are more benefits of the FWF Club Membership

  • Build Confidence

  • Daily Support And Motivation

  • Have Fun Whilst Exercising

  • Build Long Term Health And Wellness

  • Feel Great About Yourself Again

  • Enjoy Exercise At Any Fitness Level

  • Understand The TRUTH About Nutrition

Still Not Sure..?

If you've scrolled this far it may be because you have some last minute worries like what if this doesn't work for me or what if I don't like it?  

The way I see it you have 2 choices:  

Choice Number 1:  

You can choose not to take action and go back to doing what you have been doing and see if something miraculous changes. Maybe it will and that is great but if it doesn't are you just prolonging your pain? Are you willing to not take a chance in hope that a miracle occurs?  



Choice Number 2:  

You can take a RISK FREE shot at the FWF Club Membership and see for yourself how you can kick start your goals and improve your long term health.  

Why risk free? 

Well I'm so confident in our service that I am willing to give you a 30 day guarantee. So if for whatever reason you don't like what we offer or you don't get the results you were hoping we will give you 100% of your money back.  

Advantages vs Disadvantages

The Pros List

  • Save time with the longest workout being 30 mins

  • Save money spent on 1-2-1 fees and gym fees

  • Have the flexibility of doing this anywhere in the world

  • Start at the same time as others and support each other in a community ready to support you

  • Find and learn from others that have had real results using this program


The Cons List

  • Use time you don't have in the gym or with a 1-2-1 trainer

  • Spend fortunes on 1-2-1 services with so called experts

  • Figure out what exercises you need and what equipment with how many sets or reps etc

  • Do this all by yourself with little to no support

  • Try something unproven to get results

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this program work? This is an online personal training programme where you will work together with other people through a series of workout videos. You will receive daily support from Frank and our team of "Frankettes" working with us online.

  • Who is it for? This is aimed at mums, dads or anyone looking find time during the day to get a quick workout. It is also designed to be done anywhere in the world so whether you are on holiday or on a quick lunch break you will be able to fit in a workout.

  • What happens once I Join? As soon as you Sign Up you'll gain instant access to all content within our membership site and will be welcomed into our community via email, members forum and/or social media - wherever you need us.

  • BONUS: You will also receive a 7 day Meal Plan (Meat or Vegan) and weekly LIVE Workouts From Frank.

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