Wow! Just uploaded our 100th Podcast Episode

Who knew I could talk that much?

Okay, no surprises there BUT when you consider it makes precisely £0 with no adverts, no sponsors or even a studio of any kind (my bedroom usually) I think it’s well worth celebrating the fact we’ve all stuck with it for this length of time and I do hope those who have tuned in along the way have gained something positive from it too. I know I’ve learnt soooo much from menstrual cycles to pregnancy, pelvic floors, strawberry body shapes, mental health and everything in between. THANK YOU to every guest who ever appeared with me (tagged as many as I could) it has been an absolute pleasure and can’t wait to see what the next 100 brings too!

Can I ask you to do 2 things to help me celebrate?

1) Listen to today’s interview with “Super Mum” Summer Cowling - cos I just think she’s awesome and you’ll be inspired I’m sure.

2) Give us a review on iTunes / Spotify (wherever you listen) and help us reach more people at home who need some honest, friendly and professional advice with health and fitness. Every review helps us get noticed so THANK YOU!

Myself and Annabel will continue with our Women’s Health topics every Tuesday for as long as you want us and I have plenty more guests lined up for 2021 so look forward to plenty more fun / education along the way.

Thank you for listening. Love ya!


your Personal Trainer / Part-Time Podcaster

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