Your first steps to better fitness and wellbeing

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Hi, I’m Frank

Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

We created Fit with Frank to help you receive high quality Personal Training anywhere in the world from just £5 per week.

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Introducing FWF 

The Ultimate Coaching To Boost Your Physical & Mental Health

We believe in the power of exercise alongside a positive community and together we will transform how you feel about your health forever.

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What Our Clients Say

Ruth Langsford

I have known Frank for many years and he has helped our whole family with fitness and would highly recommend him to any one looking to get fit. Thanks Frank!

Peter Dale

Training with Frank absolutely changed my life after giving up alcohol and I'm now 10x fitter than I've ever been before.

Zoe Vernor

I booked my first half marathon and panicked when I realised I had no idea how to train for it. Fortunately Frank changed that

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